Must see!  This website shows step by step all the possibilities of how to structure / plan  the human body and portraiture when drawing. Click on the link below: Advertisements

Highly influenced from the works of  Barbara Fugate  and  Susan James Dean, in these two works I continued  to elaborate with washes by using mainly  water colour  rather than combining other media such as gouache. In comparison to the previous works, these two works are lighter in tones. In my opinion, there is more a […]

    Through research I  found two influential artists :  Barbara Fugate and Susan James Dean. Both artist create their drawing by mainly using pastels, water colours,  conte, crayons  and sepia chalk. For Susan James Dean, her aim is to create an interaction between the form  and the energy and the movement of the body […]

During  a practical session  light and shadow was studied. This was done by working under both ambient and natural light using various media and support in order to achieve different effects. I found this task very helpful especially in how to render volume to the object.

As one enters a room and sees a 13 by 16 inch absracted portrait painting and a pair of headphones right below them, one cannot do much else than be intruiged by wanting to find out what the work is about. After observing the colour and the expressive brushstrokes on the painting, one picks up […]

  In today’s lecture, we tried out a new exercise regarding drawing. The aim of the task was to observe forms and proportions of the human body in a few seconds. This was done by drawing the model as she moved in different directions. With every direction in which she moved, a new drawing was […]

This is my latest study of the human body observed from a live nude model.  It was created by using water colour on paper   . Gouache was also used to bring out certain features such as the shadows which enhances the sense of perspective. What do you think??? feel free to add feedback 🙂